One of Nitto’s 13,500 products RAYCREA™

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Ultraviolet rays are blocked by a sheet containing absorbent because such rays can cause solar panel degradation. Utilizing a unique wavelength converting agent in the sheet, ultraviolet light is converted into blue light. We changed the encapsulating sheet to that used to only protect into a sheet that also produces energy. The light that was previously being blocked can now be used to generate power, improving solar cell output by about 2%. The ability to increase output without any new installation at all is another big feature of this product.


Ultraviolet rays are said to be the skin’s enemy because they cause sunburn. They are actually harmful to solar cells, and up to now they have been blocked from entering. Nitto has developed “RAYCREA™”, a technology that increases the power generating efficiency of solar cells by utilizing these ultraviolet rays. If this product is used in solar cells all over Japan, it would be equal to producing 5 years of electricity that one major theme park could use.* It can be a solution to increasing power generating efficiency.
*If RAYCREA™ would be used in all solar cells manufactured in 2018, the total power generated in one year would increase by 1,122 GWh. The amount of power used at a major theme park in one day is calculated to be 0.57 GWh. The extra power generated could therefore run such a theme park for 1968 days. (1,122GWh÷0.57GWh=1968 days)

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